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It All Began with an Idea...

After working in the gutter industry for many years, and not being happy with how customers were treated (think: dollar signs instead of people), my conscience told me enough was enough. I wanted customers to have an option in our industry where they'd feel welcome... where they'd feel like family. And so, Springrock was born. 
Named for Spring Rock Park, where my grandmother would take me to play as a child, we established a business that is 100% family-focused. A business where our team would feel like family and enjoy coming to work. A business where our customers would feel as though they're speaking with a friend instead of a sleazy used car salesman. And most of all, a company that firmly believes in The Golden Rule. We only hire people who share those values, work hard, and cherish every relationship they build in their time with Springrock Gutters.
My beautiful wife and our four amazing children continue to be an incredible support to me, and to this crazy team of ours. A team that has become family. They motivate me to grow my business, my faith, and my character--and they certainly keep me humble. Nothing matters more than family, and because of that, I will never stop working towards what led me here: integrity, relationships, and providing the type of service our customers deserve as people... never as numbers. That's a promise.
God Bless,
Timothy Weber
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Timothy Weber

Tim is the owner, operator and resident-cheerleader here at Springrock Gutters. He started Springrock Gutter Guards in his garage in 2010, and has since grown our little company into a full-service, multi-location gutter company. Tim is the ultimate family man--at work and at home. We're not sure who keeps him on his toes more: the Springrock team, or his wife and four adorable kiddos! (Probably a healthy mix of both.) 

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