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Protection You Can Trust.

Block out 100% of Debris with Our Gutter Guards.

Springrock Gutters is the exclusive Chicago-area dealer of ArmourGuard Gutter Guards--which are manufactured right down the road from our Milwaukee office! ArmourGuard offers the perfect blend of design and durability, making it the best gutter guard product for the weather conditions we experience here in the Midwest. Our gutter guards can withstand all types of weather conditions, and block out all of the debris that comes with them. From leaves and pine needles in the Fall, to shingle grit that is washed down to the edge of your roof because of those Spring rains, our gutter guards will keep your gutters free of clogs year-round. This system can also be upgraded to include an ice melt system to keep your gutters clear of heavy ice and snow during the winter months for an added layer of protection! 

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What Sets ArmourGuard Apart?

It's all about high-quality materials and design.

Many of the mesh gutter guards on the market work with the same principle in mind: blocking out debris. But there's more to it than just the mesh on the top of the guard. The distinct difference between other gutter guards and Springrock Gutter Guards is in the framing. Some gutter guards are made with "Virgin Vinyl," which expands and contracts violently with changing weather conditions, while other gutter guards are made of roll-formed sheet metal, which will bow or buckle under the weight of ice and snow, making them inappropriate for the weather conditions we experience here in the Midwest. Our gutter guards are made of extruded aluminum with a stainless steel micro-mesh that will not warp or shift in changing weather conditions, making them suitable for all seasons. 

High Standards, No Exceptions.

Your happiness is our #1 priority, period. 

Springrock Gutters takes great pride in the work we do. Our customers are our top priority, always. All of our gutter guard installations are performed by our own installers--not subcontractors. All of our guys are trained by us, use our equipment, and are held to a very high standard. We want to ensure every job is done to our specifications, and we will never compromise on our quality of work. Springrock Gutter Guards come with a Lifetime, No-Clog Guarantee for a reason: we stand by the jobs we do, so if anything goes awry, and you experience a clog after we've installed your system, we'll fix it for free. No questions, no hassles--no kidding. We simply want you to be happy with the work we do on your home, so we'll be here for you even after the job is done. Period. 

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Request Your Free Estimate.

At Springrock Gutters, we promise to provide you with the best service in the industry. When you request an estimate with us, you can expect a 100% FREE, no-pressure appointment with one of our expert estimators. We'll come to your home when it's convenient for you, walk you through every step of the process, and provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision. We're here to help, not hassle. We simply want to provide you with an honest estimate and honest service, at an honest price.

Keep Your Gutters Free of Debris with Springrock Gutter Guards

Don't Pay More Than You Have To.

If you already have a gutter system that is in good shape, there's no reason to reinvent the wheel. Some companies would have you believe that in order to have a clog-free gutter system, everything needs to be replaced. That's simply not true. We can install our gutter guards on your existing gutters and still provide the same warranty as you'd get with a replacement gutter system at a fraction of the cost.  

Eliminate the Guesswork.

Not sure if your gutter system needs to be replaced? No worries. That's why we always offer free, no-hassle estimates. We'll come out and inspect your existing gutter system, and let you know the best course of action for your home. If you do need new gutters, we can replace them for you and include our high-quality gutter guards with your new system.  Plus, it's all covered by our no-clog guarantee.

Block Out All Type of Debris.

Pine needles, shingle grit, tree leaves, baseballs, frisbees, critters... you name it, our gutter guards block it out. Many gutter guard systems come with a ton of fine print, because they can't truly block out ALL debris. Some national gutter guard companies will even require you to add additional downspouts every 30-feet in order to give you the warranty you deserve. Why? To allow debris to flush out of your system, because their gutter guards don't block it all to begin with. Our gutter guards are designed to truly block out 100% of debris. No exceptions. No flushing required. Guaranteed. 

Guaranteed Protection.

We're so confident in our gutter guards, that we offer a Lifetime No-Clog Service Guarantee, as well as a fully transferable warranty to protect your gutter guards. If you experience a clogging issue with your gutter system for any reason after we've installed our gutter guards, we'll come out to your home and remedy the issue free of charge. We'll clear the clog and make sure your gutter system is working properly in order to ensure you do not experience clogs in the future. We stand firmly behind our products and the work we do. Your satisfaction is always our first priority! 

Want Us to Call You?

We're here for you.

Do you need more info before requesting your estimate? No problem! Request a call from our customer service team, and we'll call you when it's convenient for you.

If you decide you'd like to schedule your free estimate after we answer your questions, we'll take care of that for you while we have you on the line!

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