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Protect your home from ice damage with Springrock Ice Melt Systems.

Icicles Formed On Gutters
Ice Melt System for Gutters

The making of an ice dam.

When you heat the inside of your home, warm air rises and escapes through your ceiling to your roof. That heat causes any snow that has accumulated on your roof to melt, sending water down to the coolest part of your roof, where it freezes. This process eventually results in a heavy mound of ice.

The ice acts as a dam, trapping a snowbelt behind it and sending water under your roof shingles, where it will begin to leak into your home. Ice dams may also drip and refreeze over the edge of your roof. The resulting icicles add excessive weight to your gutter system, pulling your gutters away from your home and causing potentially extensive damage.

The peril of putting it off til next season

Ice is heavy. While aluminum gutters are durable, they are not made to sustain those extra pounds. One of the most common reasons our customers call us to replace their gutters in the spring is that their system was pulled loose from the house by the weight of accumulated ice and snow.

Unfortunately, that isn’t even the worst-case scenario. Gutters that have pulled away just enough to affect the pitch of the system can result in improper water drainage. That issue cannot be detected from the ground, so low spots and clogs caused by the improper pitch will continue to collect water unobserved—until your gutters overflow, potentially causing major water damage to your home.

ice damn on roof
Ice Melt System for Gutters

The Springrock Ice System for peace of mind

The complete Springrock Ice System was designed with all four seasons in mind. In addition to the protection from clogs that our gutter guards afford, the self-regulated heat cable included in this system melts ice and snow before it has the chance to accumulate.

The Springrock Ice System is backed by a transferable 25-year warranty, which includes a 10-year warranty for the self-regulated heat cable, and Springrock’s lifetime no-clog guarantee. If your system breaks down or your gutters get clogged, we’ll fix it for free, no matter what time of year. It’s that simple.

Keep your gutters free of debris with Springrock Gutter Guards

Breakthrough technology

Stop heavy ice dams and snow from forming in your gutters that can lead to extensive damage to your home in the winter.

The All-Weather Springrock Ice System not only stops icicles, heavy piles of snow, and dense ice dams from forming, but it also eliminates the annoying clogs caused by leaves and debris during the spring, summer, and fall–making it the only four-season gutter protection system around. 

Unparalleled performance

The Springrock Ice System consists of three components: a perforated aluminum channel, durable stainless steel mesh, and the exclusive heated cable system.

The extruded heat channel allows the AWA self-regulating heat cable to warm the frame and internal gutter system, eliminating icicles and allowing melted water to flow freely away from your home—even in the coldest winter temperatures.  

Design &

The Springrock Ice System is made to perfectly fit your existing gutter system. The durable aluminum frame is designed with a special channel that allows our self-regulating heat cable to fit snugly inside.

Springrock Ice System is designed to efficiently disperse heat throughout the gutter system to eliminate the formation of ice in your gutters. Its patented design separates it from the rest. It simply works better.

Guaranteed protection

The AWA Springrock Ice System was designed with protection in mind. Aluminum covers protect the self-regulated heat cables from UV rays, critters, and the harsh winter elements.

Not only do we back this system with our lifetime, no-clog guarantee—but the Springrock Ice System comes with a 25-year transferrable warranty, and a 10-year warranty on the self-regulated heat cable system. 

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Springrock is the best, from Andrew’s initial visit explaining the system, installation and the time that it would take, to Shane and his crew who did an excellent job.


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